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USI Pink Training Galway 2017

This page gives all the details you need to be a delegate at USI Pink Training 2017.  You should read it before you attend.

Your students’ union has been given additional information, which will be held by the delegation leader.

Registration is between 4.00pm and 6.00pm in the Students’ Union building.

What to bring

Accommodation for your delegation will in one of four hostels within walking distance of NUI Galway. These are shared accommodations and will likely be configured in bunk beds with shared bathrooms.

  • You’ll need your valid, current student card to register. Only registered attendees will be admitted.
  • You’ll also need a proof-of-age ID for social events.
  • You will need to bring nightwear (pyjamas for instance) and a towel.
  • You will need to bring your wash kit and toiletteries, plus any medical supplies you need
  • You’ll need your mobile phone charger. And some method of seeking a plug socket not already being used by one of our 300 delegates. Good luck.
  • You’ll need WARM clothes. It’s November and Galway is beside the sea.
    • You need a rain jacket and/or a quirky umbrella of some sort. Trust us.
    • Comfortable clothes for training on Saturday and Sunday
    • Optional changes of clothes for evening events on Friday night and Saturday night
    • There is no ‘fancy clothes’ requirement for the PT Party on Saturday night
  • Don’t bring valuables

Where to go

Registration and most training will take place at the Students’ Union in NUI Galway. Clear signposting will direct you to training sessions conducted outside the building.

Conduct Regulations

Your safety and the safety of others is our primary concern.  To this end, you are required to abide by certain conduct regulations at this event.  Put simply, they’re these:

  • You must take responsibility for your Hostel bed.  If there is any damage to the hostel, this will be charged directly to your delegation.  This is particularly serious because any damage will result in the forfeit of the security deposit.
  • If you witness something which could endanger you or another delegate, you must report it immediately either to your facilitator (if in training), a delegation leader or a member of the USI team.
  • Violence, coercion, bullying, harrassing or threatening behaviour are obviously unacceptable at a USI event. The authority to eject a delegate from the event lies with USI and we will not hesitate to use it in cases where we deem it necessary to protect our members and the integrity of Pink Training.
  • We won’t tolerate ‘phobic’ acts or utterances at Pink Training. PT is about respect, learning and support. Hate gets left outside – and haters will be.
  • PT is a training event – we expect delegates to attend the training in a fit state to take part in the training activities.
  • In all aspects of interactions with participants and facilitators, we require the greatest of respect and highest standard of conduct.

Training Timetable

When this is finalised it’ll be here.