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THE Potato Market in Carlow was full of life last Saturday Septmeber 7th between 9-2pm with members of the community engaging with numerous local businesses including the George Bernard Shaw Arts Centre and local third level students to discuss the educational issues facing them in the coming months.  Members of IT Carlow SU (Institute of TechnologyCarlow Students’ Union) and Carlow College SU (Carlow College Students’ Union) hosted the event.

IT Carlow SU President Podge Sheehan said:

“Cuts across the education sector as a whole are really impacting families negatively, especially around this time of year. We are reaching out to the local Carlow community to gain support against cuts to education. As members of the community for at least 9 months of the year, it is vital we come together in these struggling times to stand up against the increasing impact and damage that is happening to the Carlow economy and families living here”.

Some key matters that were openly discussed was be the strong sense of belonging many students associate with Carlow, and local TDs were invited to speak about the issues facing the community as a whole. The main focus of the event was to show mutual support for the most financially vulnerable families and members of the community.

Carlow College SU President Niamh Coffey said:

“We here at Carlow College Students Union are delighted to be engaging with the local community in Carlow. Many of our students rely heavily on the grant in order to progress in college. And it’s not just current students who will suffer from the cuts in grants and the rise in fees but also the students who will be attending college in the years to come.  We aim to make people aware of this and reach as many local people as possible”.

Ciara Guinan USI VP Southern Region:

“Students play a vital role in the local community in Carlow and in communities’ right across the country. Communities need to unite together to stop cuts to education and to revive their economies. This is why it is important that our ‘Fight for Your Future Now’ campaign engages not only students, but their communities also.”

A number of activities took place such as face painting and games  which kept the young members of the community engaged, complimentary tea and coffee and USI National Campaign ‘Fight For Your Future Now’ merchandise was available for those who came down to show their support.

For more information contact USI Communications & Research Executive Grainne O’Reilly on 087-6776636, or 01-9052100

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