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The Union of Students in Ireland (USI) has welcomed the decision of Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) to further extend the deadline date for new applications.

New applications deadline: Midnight on Monday 5 August

The originally planned closing date for new grant applications for SUSI was midnight on Thursday August 1st.  Following a brief system failure at SUSI close to the deadline, the organisation took a decision to extend the deadline across the weekend to midnight on Monday 5th August.

SUSI has been in direct contact with USI and urges prospective students making applications to do so as soon as they can.  SUSI encourages all students intending to apply for a grant this year to visit the SUSI website

USI welcomes the extension to the deadline as it will allow students and their families to submit their application. If students are experiencing difficulties, contact the SUSI Helpdesk.

Ongoing relationship

USI is committed to working with SUSI to ensure that information on grants are available to all and the deadlines are met.  USI is in constant contact with the organisation to ensure it understands and meets the needs of students.

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