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electric picnic

The Union of Students in Ireland has released a statement today, ahead of tomorrow’s Electric Picnic Festival, urging students to remain vigilant against drugs and to never take any unknown substances, or from anyone they don’t know. A 2015 UN report revealed that Ireland has the fifth highest rate of drug-related deaths among under 25-year-olds in the European Union.

“We are urging students not to take unknown substances, or any substances from people they don’t know,” Annie Hoey, USI President, said. “Festivals are a great chance to enjoy music, art and culture with friends and while many young people drink or use substances at these events, we are advising students to stay away from any substances they don’t know the origin or make-up of. If young people choose to use drugs, we are urging them to never mix substances. Alcohol, illegal drugs and prescribed drugs can all interact dangerously with each other.”

USI is advising students to rehydrate with water or isotonic drinks regularly, but not to drink more than one pint per hour.

“If you, or anyone you are with, at Electric Picnic has a bad reaction to any drink or substance, bring them to the emergency services on-site as soon as possible.” Hoey said.




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