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The Union of Students in Ireland (USI) is alerting young people ahead of the end of exam parties and summer festivals of the risky business involved in taking novel and unknown drugs. In particular, people need to be aware and educated on novel drugs currently circulating which have recently seen some students become ill and hospitalised.

Denise McCarthy, USI Deputy President/VP Welfare said:

“We share the same concerns as UCD Students’ Union for the safety and well-being of students. Our thoughts are with those who have been hospitalised and we hope they make a speedy recovery. We ask others who might have taken similar drugs to seek medical attention or to contact their local Gardaí to report any suspicious incidents.

There is no specific evidence this drug is restricted to one university in one area, we want to reach out to all young people and students on this topic.

You can never be sure 100% of the contents or origin of an unknown drug, it may be a risk to your health and USI want young people to think before they take any drug; it might not be what you think it is. We’re concerned that there is a lack of education on drugs in Ireland and perhaps we need to speak openly about the issue.

With end of exam parties and summer festivals looming, we want to encourage people be sensible and educated, have your celebrations end well, not in A and E or worse.”

Top tips:

  • Get educated and informed.
  • Don’t take any unknown substances.
  • Look out for yourself and your friends.

Check out and for information on drugs and their effects.

For further information contact USI Communications and Research Executive Gráinne O Reilly on 087-6776636

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