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The Union of Students in Ireland (USI) welcomes the publication of the Gender Recognition Bill, but urges the government to consider significant changes in order to further protect the rights of trans* people in Ireland.

USI urges the government to amend the Bill to make allowance for marital status requirement, age provisions, and medical requirements.

Annie Hoey, USI VP Equality and Citizenship, says “it is of great concern to see the inclusion of a single requirement and a medical evaluation. Ireland has strict divorce laws, which will force a trans person to chose between their marriage and living in their chosen gender identity. The requirement of a medical evaluation is restrictive, and a source of controversy among the trans community. We do not feel this legislation goes far enough to truly try and recognise the day to day lives and intricacies of the trans community”

USI will continue to lobby on behalf of trans students and members of the trans community. USI will advocate for the introduction of gender recognition legislation which is inclusive, and reflects the lived realties of trans people.

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