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Today, a website targeting Irish students was forced to withdraw an article and apologise to its advertisers for a post which encouraged somewhat extreme misogyny – calling on men to target types of women for the purposes of one-night stand sex.  The article promotes risky and reckless sexual behaviour and has the capacity to distress readers.  It’s not acceptable and isn’t something USI could ignore.

We’re delighted that the reaction to the article was so effective that College Times was forced to remove the article from their website.
In commentary to newspapers today, Joe O’Connor, USI President, gave the following statement:

“The article was crass and insensitive in the extreme and will have been read by many as misogynistic, predatory nonsense. USI wholeheartedly condemns the article and we’re delighted that so many student activists and friends put the effort in to showing this up for the dismal attempt at edginess it is.

It’s unfortunate that this appears to be some websites’ reason for being. We think it’s time for College Times to call it a day on a tired formula which, we saw today, amuses nobody.”

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