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The local and European elections are just weeks away and the clock is ticking on the deadline the for inclusion on the supplementary register of electors (4 days away, Tuesday May 6th 2014). It is vital that young people ensure they are eligible to cast a ballot on Friday, May 23rd.

Remember: It is a bank holiday this weekend so your local authority will be closed on Monday, May 5th.

Below are the steps on how to get registered:

  • Download the RFA2 form to fill out if you want to register to vote by clicking on either link below and saving.
  1. Inclusion in Supplement to 2014/2015 Register of Electors – English
  2. Inclusion in Supplement to 2014/2015 Register of Electors – As Gaeilge
  • When you have filled out the form, get it stamped by your local Garda Station (bring photo Identification)
  • Post it or bring it to your local authority, we recommend that you drop it in with the deadline so close.

Join in the Conversation on Twitter: #YouthVote14

Want more Information? have a some great advice and further information on their website, click here to check it out.

Check the register to see if you are already registered by clicking here.

Find out where your local authority is located.

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