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The Union of Students in Ireland has congratulated Leaving Certificate students on receiving their results. Today is a milestone in the lives of these students and USI hopes that they have received results that will see them enter third level education. 

USI President John Logue said:

“No matter how happy or disappointed you are with your results, you have just gotten through one of the toughest periods in your life. CAO offers will not be released until Monday and with treads and student numbers changing, predicting points is far from an exact science.

Take these few days to celebrate (safely), relax and do those tasks you’ve been putting off, because as soon as you accept your college offer the time will fly with planning and preparing for college.

If you are eligible and have not yet applied for the student grant log onto for information on the online application process.

If you are not offered your first preference on Monday, don’t panic. There are a wide variety of back up options. Second round offers will be issued on August 31st and many institutions allow you to change between courses before the end of October.

If you withdraw before Oct 31st and take a year out, you can apply to the CAO next year and you won’t have to pay extra tuition fees and as with many people they get on great in the course they accept.

As soon as you know which college you’ll be attending you need to do the following things:

  1. Sort out your accommodation.
  2. Work out how you will get to college on time everyday.
  3. Get a notebook and pen for notes and your ready.
  4. The Students’ Union website will have lots of helpful advice.”


Editor’s Note:

USI President John Logue will be available for comment and interviews on the Leaving Certificate results and CAO offers.

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