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USI is calling on homeowners with a spare room in their home to open their door to students  in need of accommodation. To promote the Homes For Study initiative, a major promotional campaign is now underway across Ireland.

Home owners in areas such as Dublin, Galway, Cork, Limerick, Waterford will receive information in the post in the coming days in the form of a leaflet outlining the easy steps they can take to register their spare room.

Speaking about ’Homes for Study’, USI President Siona Cahill said:

“Digs are becoming a real affordable and viable alternative accommodation because of the rising cost of living in the private rental sector, and on campuses. We want to match students with a home to study in, and house as many students as possible as a quick and short term solution to the student accommodation crisis”

“We are urging anyone with a spare room to sign up for digs at Using is a win-win for homeowners, especially for parents whose children have flown the nest, or who are attending college the other side of the country.

The average cost of college is €12,500 and leasing out a room to a student or students will greatly help with this cost, as you can make up to €14,000 annually tax-free. The process takes less than five minutes to complete on, and you can help take the pressure of students trying to find accommodation that goes beyond their monthly income”

“We continue to press government to accelerate the production of affordable purpose built student accommodation but for now, students and homeowners can avail of this opportunity with benefits for all.”

This call is part of an ongoing campaign, supported by the Irish Government which encourages families and individuals who have a spare room in their home to avail of an opportunity to earn up to €14,000 tax free earnings through renting out spare rooms to students. Homeowners can rent out rooms or provide digs on 5 or 7 days a week basis for the academic year.

Most new and returning students will migrate to their colleges in less than 6 weeks, and many still need accommodation.

USI continues to track significant pressure on the private rental market, particularly in college towns and cities, and there is a significant shortfall in purpose built student accommodation.

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