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More Talk, More Action 

Today the Union of Students in Ireland (USI) are delighted to launch it’s Mental Health Strategy 2014-2017 which passed unanimously at USI Congress 2014. Click to read our strategy.

A big thank you to our member Students’ Unions who aided in its development and we also extend our gratitude to Headstrong – The National Centre for Youth Mental HealthSee Change3TS – Turn The Tide of Suicide and Student Sport Ireland for their valuable input. 

Denise McCarthy, USI Deputy President/VP for Welfare 2013/14 said:

“It is with great pleasure and hope that I present the USI Mental Health Strategy 2014-2017 ‘More Talk, More Action’. It was an honour to lead the development of this strategy. I would like to take this opportunity to thank member Students’ Union Officers and various mental health organisations for their support, input and dedication in developing and providing USI with a new strategy on mental health.

This document aims to assist my successors and local Students’ Unions in following a coherent and consistent framework for ensuring our colleges and universities are mentally healthy, wealthy and prosperous for years to come. This strategy provides for good practice for the support of students, the promotion of mental well-being, promotion of help seeking and prevention of mental health difficulties.

Together, we can focus on promoting educated and positive attitudes to mental health and wellbeing and a positive approach in what we do as we lead students in looking after their own mental health and those around them”.

Let’s Talk, Let’s Change Minds, Let’s Reach Out.



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