Procrastination can wait!

Study time is vital – as we prepare for winter assignments and exams, it’s important to keep on top of study and make sure we’re focused on the work we need to put in to getting through.

It’s very easy to get side-tracked, so USI has prepared a useful study planner and procrastination enabler, to help you plan your revision, take reasonable breaks and stay focused.

Our planner ‘Procrastination Can Wait’ is arriving at Students’ Unions across Ireland now, in English and as Gaeilge.  If you can’t wait for those, find below our handy origami procrastination buster, which helps decide what type of break to take.  Just download and print out the origami folding toy, fold it into shape, have a play and then get back to work!

Download your procrastination_buster here!

Can’t wait for the study planner?  It’s available to print on A3 paper right here.

As Gaeilge

In English