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SUT 2015 – Maynooth and Belfast

Welcome to the event page for SUT 2015, to be hosted by Maynooth Students’ Union and Queen’s University, Belfast Students’ Union.

Registration for SUT 2015 is now open to USI member unions.  Please take a few minutes to register your delegation for the event.

What is SUT?

SUT 2015 will take place from Monday 13 July (arrival) to Friday 17th July. SUT + will place from Thursday 20th August to Friday 21st August.

SUT 2015 is the second run of our improved student sabbatical officer training, delivered by USI and NUS-USI with support from our friends in the National Union of Students UK.  It’s the essential training and networking event for students’ union leaders, bringing together student officers from across the island of Ireland to learn from experts and share knowledge and experience.

It’s split into two sections – an intense four-day training camp in July and a day of very intense applied learning in a simulation experience in August.  The objective is to impart theory first, then create realistic scenarios to test leaders’ responses to difficult and challenging situations.  The result is students’ union officers ready for the return of students in the late summer and ready to hit the proverbial road running.

Who’s it for?

To participate, your students’ union must be a member of USI and you must be an elected leadership officer selected by your SU President to attend.

Please select a valid form

We’re working on the timetable and we’ll have it here soon.

The cost for SUT (both parts together) is €350 per delegate.

Bookings are final and unrefundable.  People attending USI events are required to abide by the Safety protocols below.

Safety at USI USI wants all participants at events to have an enjoyable, productive and safe time.  USI has developed procedures to ensure that everything that can be done is done to protect our members. More guidance has been given to Delegation Leaders.

USI Safety Champion

In your pack and on your ID lanyard you will have the telephone number for the Safety Champion, which you can ring at any time of the day or night to report anything you think could be dangerous.

SU Delegation Leader

Your SU has a delegation leader – this is usually the Students’ Union President, but it may be someone else on the delegation.  This person is responsible for supporting and leading the delegation of representatives from your SU.


Responsibility to others

The ethos of our union means that we each have a responsibility to take care of ourselves and to respect the space, integrity and needs of others. At USI events, we all need to respect this all the time.

Every delegate, facilitator, trainer, committee member and member of staff of USI and its partners is entitled to a safe and trouble-free event.  Everybody at a USI event has a responsibility not to cause difficulties for or endanger someone else at our events.  We will not accept or tolerate any action which causes another person at a USI event to either be in danger or to believe that they are in danger.

Respect for others

USI believes in the right to freedom of expression for our delegates.  Debate about competing ideas is healthy and the basis of our policy process.  We don’t shout down others when they’re speaking.  We don’t use personally insulting, threatening or offensive language and we don’t stop others from expressing themselves within our rules.

Responsibility to report

Every delegate at a USI event has a responsibility to report anything they feel could endanger themselves or another delegate.  Every delegate has a right to have their concerns listened to and respected.


Abusive or violent behaviour

USI will not tolerate abusive or violent behaviour at any USI event.  Anybody engaged in abusive of violent behaviour at a USI event can expect to be sent home.  Any person engaged in activity which endangers another person at a USI event can expect to be excluded from the event (or any part of it) and not allowed to participate in future USI events.


USI events are focused on the work of the student movement over all.  Every event we hold is geared toward supporting students and their representatives to best serve the needs of students – so the behaviour of people at our events is paramount.

Alcohol and drugs can impair a user’s judgment and lead to risky behaviour, including sexually risky behaviour. It’s not acceptable to have illegal drugs at a USI event. Anti-social behaviour, particularly that caused by the influence of drugs or alcohol is also not acceptable – and not compatible with remaining at a USI event. The USI Alcohol Policy contains more information on this.

Sexual conduct

USI has a zero tolerance approach to sexual misconduct or harassment. Personal space, privacy and the right to control over one’s own body are vital to USI.

USI will not accept:

  • Unwanted sexual comments, including about someone’s body or private life
  • Repeated unwanted sexual invitations or requests
  • Unwanted touching or sexually motivated activity


At all USI events, we apply a standard of ‘explicit consent’. If you want to engage in sexual activity, you need to be certain the other person wants it too. Get a yes, or GTFO.


All allegations of misconduct at USI events will be treated seriously – but USI is not capable of conducting investigations into specific allegations and will not undertake to do so. We will provide support and information about other agencies which may be able to help.  Where an allegation relates to something which endangers our members, USI will always support the relevant authorities in whatever way it can.

Accommodation and sleep

USI provides accommodation at many events. Often this is to be shared between two or more delegates. Everyone at our events has a right to peace and a good night’s sleep in the room and the bed they’ve been allocated, with no exceptions – we need this right to be respected by everyone all the time.

The people who have been allocated a room are in charge of the room and responsible for loss or damages there.

USI and NUS-USI Staff

USI staff have no right to participate in the democratic bodies of USI, and no right to reply to public comments about their work. It follows, therefore, that USI staff should not be mentioned or discussed during debates at a democratic event. Concerns about staff should be brought to the President.

Staff can be approached about anything you like – but if it relates to the policies or the procedures of the organisation, you can expect them to say nothing.  Staff have no role nor any ‘official’ view on policy or politics.

Any violent or abusive conduct towards staff will be treated seriously and if unresolved could lead to the withdrawal of USI staff from the event.

The same applies to staff USI has hired temporarily or employees of organisations with which USI works and hotel staff.

Authority to eject

The authority to require a person at a USI event to leave the event (temporarily or permanently) lies with the SU delegation leader, President, and the Congress Director. The lead officer or Congress Director can take whatever advice and make whatever consultations they feel are appropriate – their decision is final for the event and no refunds may be made in respect of fees paid for attendance for an ejected person.

Why would we eject?

A decision to eject a person will be taken if we feel that the safety or security of people at the event, or the perception of safety or security would be reduced by the person’s continuing presence at the event.

We might also eject a person if otherwise the order of a democratic or training event would be impeded, where they have engaged in misconduct or have threatened to do so.

Stuff you need to know

Accommodation in Maynooth will be with shared bathrooms

You may (or will) want to bring a dressing gown!

SUT is a training environment – you’ll need comfortable clothes

There are many activities at SUT – from physical exercises to tutorial sessions in classrooms.  We’d encourage people to dress in comfortable, flexible clothing.

You will be fed and watered

We’ll provide breakfast, lunch and dinner as part of the training fee. You’ll need to bring cash for any extras like fizzy drinks and anything you get at the bar

There will be ents

In the evenings, after sessions, there will be entertainments, so you might want to bring a change of clothes for that.

Maynooth is not as close to Dublin as you think.

Getting to Dublin by train takes more than half an hour. Getting to Dublin by bus takes more than an hour. Maynooth is a great town and we’re looking forward to enjoying what it has to offer.