Full Name: Síomha Ní Aonghusa

Email: siog888@gmail.com

Party: People Before Profit Alliance

Additional Comments: As one of the youngest candidates, having actively campaigned on these issues for several years now, i am delighted to sign this pledge, and very happy to see you are calling on us to do so.

Name: Andrew Keegan

Email: andrew.keegan@dublincity.ie

Party: People Before Profit Alliance

Comment: All issues such housing, healthcare, climate change, transport and education once these issues were national issues now the’re local issues.
I support and agree to the students manifesto.

Full Name: Daniel Whooley

Email: dwhooley1158@gmail.com

Party: Green Party

Additional Comments: I understand the difficulties that college students face as I am in my first year of college myself. If successful I will fight for more student accommodation in my area, reject anything that is similar to a loan scheme for students. It is time that students fight back and reclaim their right to education!

Full Name: Corina Johnston

Email: corinajohnstonlabour@gmail.com

Party: Labour Party

Full Name: Paul Mulville

Email: paulmulville@gmail.com

Party: Social Democrats

EP/LE Candidate?: Local

Full Name: Ian Carey

Email: ian.carey@greenparty.ie

Party: Green Party

Full Name: Cllr Natalie Treacy Vote No.1

Email: natalietreacysinnfein@gmail.com

Party: Sinn Féin

Full Name: Jagan Muttumula

Email: muttujagan@gmail.com

Party: Fine Gael

Additional Comments: Hi,

Many thanks for sharing it with me. 

I just wish to add that youth play an important role in tomorrow’s society and as a matter of fact my campaign is managed by a young person. You may also find a petition on my website www.jaganfg.ie/petitions where I am seeking a clubhouse style hangout where youth in Ongar can chill and upskill themselves. 

Kind regards,
Jagan Muttumula

Full Name: Aengus Ó Maoláin

Email: aengus.omaolain@socialdemocrats.ie

Party: Social Democrats

Full Name: Tania Doyle

Email: tania.doyle@cllrs.fingal.ie

Party: Independent

Full Name: Sinéad Moore

Email: sineadmoore23@gmail.com

Party: Aontu

Full Name: Dean Mulligan

Email: deanmulligani4cswords@gmail.com

Party: Independents 4 Change

Additional Comments: I fully supports the USI manifesto

Full Name: Joe Newman

Email: joenew21@yahoo.co.uk

Party: Independent

Full Name: Cian O’Callaghan

Email: cian.ocallaghan@socialdemocrats.ie

Party: Social Democrats

Full Name: Sandra Kavanagh

Email: sandraekavanagh@gmail.com

Party: Solidarity

Full Name: Okezie Emmanuel Emuaga

Email: okeziefingal@outlook.ie

Party: Fine Gael

Additional Comments: I support your campaign. I also request that we recognize the good immigration reforms since 2011 when Fine Gael came to the leadership of the government.

As a researcher I know the importance of adequate funding to enable continued understanding of life challenges and discovering of adequate solutions.

Finally, the need to protect our environment is a no brainer. We must adopt practices that leave our world better and safer for now and the future.

I recommend that these efforts follow a due democratic and scientifically verifiable process. Thanks! Okezie Emuaga

Full Name: Roderic O’Gorman

Email: rodericogorman@gmail.com

Party: Green Party

Full Name: Yulia Ghumman

Email: yulia.ghumman@outlook.ie

Party: Labour Party