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It is so important to lobby your TD’s and Senators on a personal level, don’t forget – you are who they work for!

The student voice is strong, over the past 5 years USI has registered over 95,000 students to vote. Find out from your TD or Senator where they stand on issues that effect you, go to to check who your representatives are.

Here are some points you can speak to them about:

  • Ireland has the second-highest fees in the EU [will be the highest after Brexit]
  • Rents are rising at a staggering rate [Dublin: rent for purpose-built student accommodation is over €800 per month]
  • SUSI grants are not linked to the cost of living and the system is too rigid
  • Postgraduate grants should be reinstated to pre-2012 rates
  • Back To Education Allowance should be increased to support students with attending college
  • Apprenticeship fees were introduced in 2012, we believe they should be abolished
The Government needs to stop kicking the car down the road, we need investment in Higher Education. Our Institutes, Colleges and Universities are treating students like pawns to fill a gap left by the Government. If every student got in contact with their TD’s and senators, we could guarantee positive systematic change.
Education is the future, it is our priority, it needs to be theirs.
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