Students are calling on Irish Rail and Transport for Ireland to reconsider the introduction of a new policy that would see Student ID not being accepted for reduced fares on train services, according to the Union of Students in Ireland.

While USI and students across Ireland welcome the continuation of the reduced fares on public transport, students cannot understand the move away from student cards being valid ID.

Students feel that this is an unnecessary extra imposition on them at a time when many students are being forced to travel long distances due to the accommodation crisis.

USI Vice President for the Southern Region, Kelda McManus said: “Students now face the prospect of getting a €100 fine for not having their Leap Card on them, even if they can show their student ID – a situation that makes no sense to USI or our members.

“Student cards are free for all students on registration, while Student and Young Adult Leap Cards incur a charge. This new policy would mean students who have no other need for a Leap Card and cannot even use it to purchase train tickets would have to buy and carry a Leap Card.

“For many students this seems like a move that is only to suit Irish Rail and in no way helps students, who are just trying to get to college or part-time jobs.”