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Nominations for the USI officer board elections are open. For information as to how to participate, click here.

We’re also reviewing our constitution and want to hear what our members think. More information available here.


Other work

  • This afternoon, the VP Welfare and VP Academic Affairs met with SUSI to review a proposed new online learning module to help sabbatical officers help students with grant applications.
  • Today USI is hosting the USI Women Lead Project to empower women students to lead. The residential weekend is supported and hosted by Accenture. It features modules on public speaking, self-care, leadership development, self-branding and campaign organisation.
  • The Vice President for Equality  Citizenship has been appointed to the steering committee responsible for implementing the review of the Student Assistance Fund and this week attended its first meeting on behalf of USI.
  • The VP Southern Region and the VP Welfare drafted support and campaign guidelines for students’ unions with regards anti-social behaviour.
  • The VP Welfare met with the members of Mental Health Reform in relation to future national campaigns, and met the National Office for Suicide Prevention with a view to increasing student access to mental health support training.
  • The Vice President for Campaigns met with SIPTU to advance the Early Education and Care campaign. Early Education and Care students now have full SIPTU membership if they sign up. SIPTU Reps with Students’ Union Officers will be holding meetings across the country to inform, engage and mobilise students through forums, petitions and a survey being issued in the coming weeks to inform the campaign. You can learn more about the campaign here:
  • The Vice President for Campaigns attended the National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI) Board meeting to discuss the implications of Brexit, the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill, and the Better Outcomes, Brighter Futures Strategy on young people in Ireland.


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