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Pharma attacks are injections of code through backdoors in a website which change aspects of the site.  They can replace adverts, keywords and the description of the site on search engines.

Imagine our surprise, then, when our listing on Google had USI as a purveyor of drugs for erectile dysfunction and all sorts of other things.

We identified the type of hack immediately and began the process of cleansing the site.  In the end, cleansing the site was impossible, so we quarantined the old one, backed up our data files and installed a completely fresh and fully updated version of the website.  Within three hours of properly identifying the issue, we have a new site, zero loss of data and a new, evolving description of our site on search engines.  We’ve learned a lot and we’re very happy we can a) prevent and b) deal with this sort of attack in the future.

Sin é.


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