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In a whopping 90.2% – 9.8% result, Ulster University Students’ Union have voted to remain members of NUS-USI.

Voting took place this week from Tuesday 13th to Thursday 15th November across all UU Campus’. Members and Officer Board of the trilateral agreement flocked to Ulster University throughout the week to campaign in favour of the long standing membership and outline its benefits to students around campus.

The UUSU constitution mandates the Students’ Union to hold an affiliation referendum once every 3 years, in 2015 students voted to remain members of NUS-USI by 88% of the total vote.

In a statement regarding the result of this referendum, USI President Síona Cahill said:

“Last nights result is a clear statement from the students of Ulster University that they are proud of the work being done for them by the national union and are sure about the importance of being members of NUS-USI. The national movement work day in and day out to ensure students all across the island of Ireland are being fairly represented in all areas of student life, this overwhelming result is proof that just that is being done.”

President of NUS-USI, Olivia Potter Hughes said:

“This is a fantastic result and I am delighted that UUSU has decided to remain affiliated to NUS-USI. We are extremely happy to keep 100% membership across students’ unions here and we look forward to continuing to work closely together with UUSU.

“NUS-USI ran positive referendum campaign based on the importance of the collective student voice in delivering the priorities of students here. NUS-USI has a proud track record of delivery and of working together with students’ unions across Northern Ireland, and across these islands with NUS and USI, as part of our trilateral agreement.

“I also want to take this opportunity to thank all campaigners who worked with NUS-USI to deliver this excellent result.”

Now, more than ever students in the North feel the importance of being represented fairly by their National Union, speaking on this, UUSU President, Kevin McStravock said:

“I’m really pleased that UUSU members have voted overwhelmingly to remain affiliated to NUS-USI. The collective student voice has never been more important, we’re delighted to remain a part of that.”

NUS-USI and the Union of Students in Ireland look forward to continue working alongside UUSU and for UU students.

The votes cast are as follows:

561 Voted

506 Voted Yes

52 Voted No

3 Abstained

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