We’re fighting to protect the Student Maintenance Grant and student supports like the Back to Education Allowance in the upcoming Budget 2014

We’re fighting for the Government to create a National JobsPlan for young people and invest heavily in the European Youth Guarantee

Work with us to Fight For Your Future NOW.

  • The student maintenance grant has been cut in the last 4 consecutive Budgets in either the rate or threshold
  • The average level of the grant is now €84 per week, which compares negatively with the lowest rate of Jobseekers’ Allowance at €100 per week
  • The gap between the increasing cost of going to college and student supports available continues to widen, placing an enormous burden on vulnerable students and families in affording third-level education
  • The rate of youth unemployment in Ireland is currently at over  30%, and rises to 45% amongst young graduates with relevant degrees
  • On average, more than 200 people per day emigrated from Ireland in 2012. Over 120,000 people aged between 15 and 24 have emigrated in the past 4 years alone. 57% of Irish students now feel they will have to emigrate when they finish their degree

What you can do

  • Sign up to SERD, our voter registration database (at vote.usi.ie)
  • Share your story with your local TD on deardeputy.ie
  • Attend your regional protest march in Dublin, Sligo or Cork on the National Day of Action, October 1st
  • Contact your local TD directly to let them know you and your family will not stand for being targeted any more
  • Ask your friends, parents and family to get on board and support the campaign