We’re fighting to protect the Student Maintenance Grant and student supports like the Back to Education Allowance in the upcoming Budget 2014

We’re fighting for the Government to create a National Jobs Plan for young people and invest heavily in the European Youth Guarantee

Why support the student campaign?

  • The increasing costs of college, decline in student supports and wider impacts of the recession have made paying for third-level unbearable for many parents across the country
  • Enormous sacrifices are already being made by many families to bridge this gap, and with their budgets at breaking point they cannot take any more hits
  • The average cost of college has now risen to over €1,000 per month
  • 71% of family budgets have been negatively impacted by increases to the student contribution charge.
  • 84% of parents are struggling to meet the costs of third level

Irish League of Credit Unions Study

Over a quarter (28%) of parents are now worried that third-level education won’t be possible for their children

51% worry that they will have to borrow to meet the costs associated with college

Standard Life study

With 57% of today’s students feeling they will have to emigrate when they leave college, many families and communities across the country face being torn apart by the national jobs crisis being faced by young people

How can you help the Student campaign?

  • Visit to get involved with the campaign
  • Contact your local TD/Send a letter of support to put the pressure on
  • Spread the word in your local community
  • Log on to to tell your story as to how fee increases and grant cuts affect your family
  • Support your regional student protest in Dublin