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Are you registered already?

To check whether you registered to vote or not, you can log on to or simply enter your details below.

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Not registered?  It’s easy

Registering to vote is an easy process. In order to register to vote at a time when a date for an election or referendum hasn’t been announced, you just need to follow the steps below:

In order to register to vote, you just need to fill out form RFA: 

When you have filled out the form, you must return it to you own local County or City Council.

If you wish to register a change of your address, you can also use this form by filling in your previous address in question 4. If you are running a voter registration drive on campus, you will need Garda supervision if an election/referendum date has been called and if you are registering students for addition to the supplemental register. If an election date or referendum hasn’t been called then there is no need for a Garda to oversee the registration drive on campus but the students have to fill out the forms themselves.

Imminent election

If an election/referendum date has been announced, then you can register to be added to the supplemental register by filling out from RFA2:

If you wish to change your address on the supplemental register of electors, you can fill in form RFA3 

European Elections

If you are an EU citizen, other than Irish or British, you must fill in EP 1 form in order to be registered to vote in EU elections:[English]-Website.pdf