USI is a democratic organisation.  The bodies which ensure the student voice is supreme in the Union are these:


Congress is the supreme policy making body of the Union.  It makes policy, establishes the principles of the organisation and can amend the constitution.  It is composed of representatives from each member students’ union, apportioned according to the size of the student body in each union.

National Council

National Council is the executive body of the Union.  It meets at least eight times annually and is representative of the leadership of each students’ union from all over Ireland, North and South.  It meets at various locations all over Ireland.

Officer Board

The Officer Board is the body of officers elected by the Congress to enact and realise the policies of the union. Where Congress fails to elect a member of the Officer Board, elections can be held at the National Council.

Oversight Committees

Steering Committee

Steering Committee is the body charged with overseeing the conduct of meetings and elections.  It is composed of former members of the union and is elected for a two year term at the first National Council of a year ending in an even number.

Finance Committee

Finance Committee is charged with managing the finances of the Union, according to the constitution and its schedules.  The committee contains the president of the union, two members from the National Council and a number of others with expertise in financial management.