Governance Committee

Governance Committee is responsible for the implementation of good governance and is made up of at least ten members.  These include the President, an Independent Chair, four Sabbatical Officers and four external members.  It meets at least six times a year. 

The role of Governance Committee is to ensure the legal and regulatory compliance of USI and to develop and implement policies in the areas of governance, financial management, human resource management and risk management.  The President reports to National Council on the work of Governance Committee and Governance Committee makes an annual report on its work to Congress.    

Sub-committees or working groups may be set up by Governance Committee as needed with the approval of National Council. 

In order to fulfill its responsibilities, Governance Committee undertakes the tasks detailed in the Constitution and Handbook.

Key responsibilities include:

1.       Implementing good governance practice

2.       Managing finances

3.       Managing Human Resources

4.       Ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements

5.       Managing risk

6.       Working effectively