The Union of Students in Ireland is calling on students to join this weekend’s National Demonstration for Palestine, which is being co-organised by the union, to show that students stand for peace and against apartheid in Gaza.

USI has joined with the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign and other civil society organisations to organise the march from the Garden of Remembrance on Saturday, November 18 at 1pm.

Organisers are hoping to bring record numbers to the streets, and USI wants students to show that we stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine and are calling for an end to the on-going genocide in Gaza.

USI Vice President for Campaigns, Zaid Al-Barghouthi said: “In line with our mandates and policies, USI strongly condemns the occupation of Palestine and the current attack on the people and infrastructure of Gaza.

“The student movement has historically stood at the forefront of important societal change, and we know that students are devastated at what is currently happening in Gaza. To give voice to that support, we are co-organising this weekend’s National Demonstration for Palestine and are calling on as many students as possible to join the march.

“We need to keep putting pressure on the Irish government and the international community to act to end the ongoing genocide in Gaza. And getting people on the streets is the best way to show that this is what the people of Ireland demand.”

Saturday’s demonstration is calling for:

  1. An immediate ceasefire to end the genocide in Gaza
  2. Ending Israeli apartheid once and for all
  3. Expelling the Israeli Ambassador to Ireland
  4. The Irish Government to place pressure on the EU to call for a ceasefire and refer the current leadership of Israel to International Courts
  5. Freedom and Justice for Palestine